foto I Wish op het strand met misschien of met een dorpje rosewood 

 I Wish

I Wish. 


I wrote this song because we all have these essentials moments in our lives, where you just don’t want them to end, a day, an hour, whatever it might me and I think more than ever in our world now we have to wish and have hope that beautiful moments like this will always be here and if there not, they will come back. I wish is a song about the beautiful moments in your life that you hope never would end, those special days you hope they would have last forever. This is I Wish. 

A day on set of I Wish in Tuscany

I Wish is here. I can't believe it’s here. A couple of years ago me and my husband had the idea to begin a company together, because we both have such passion for creating things that inspire people. Two years later and we have launched our second song I Wish which from the beginning was our favorite song we have written. We came up with the idea when you think about all these moment that you have in your life where you just don’t want them to end. Its maybe a cup of tea with your mom or just a moment that everything falls into place or an opportunity that you are given. All these moments in our life you want to hold on to and you wish they would never end. This is I Wish.  

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